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 From: Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Classes and Objects
Date: Sunday, March 24, 2013 2:30:56 AM         

> > Hi! How can implement drag scroll into a container like this with jquery (see demo on http://the-taylors.org/jquery.kinetic/) Thanks in advance!
> I solve this! Try

Syntax error !!

ADD OBJECT form1.container1.text1 AS textbox WITH ;
		Height = 23, ;
		Left = 10, ;
		Top = 10, ;
		Width = 100, ;
		Name = "Text1"

I don't know why you cannot upload the form files itself.

By the way you have not solved this at all. All you are doing is moving the container. The jQ sample you showed moves the contents of the container and pans the image. Also as Paul says it uses acceleration and easing.

If all you need is to move the container then there is no need for all those form variables and mouseup/mousedown code.

Just do this to move the container LIVE not after the move as you show.:

1. New form
2. Add container
3. Container.MouseDown()

If nButton = 1
		This.Left + (bxCoord - Objtoclient(This, 2)) ,;
		This.Top + (nyCoord - Objtoclient(This, 1)))

Anyway here is a sample form and class I made to Pan any image. Just extract the files and run the form. Click and drag to Pan. You can just drop the class on any form and set the image1.picture to your own image and it will work very well.



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