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 From: Cathy Pountney
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 Cathy Pountney
 To: Maureen Sergel
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 Maureen Sergel
Subject: RE: Duplex Printing: Next Group on Real Page
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:51:34 PM         

> I want to be able to print the next group on a real page, not the back of an existing page. I have found several "almost" work arounds.
> Have a tall item print in the group footer based on conditions set by the On Entry expression. The problem with this, is that the group footer does not collapse if nothing is printing!
> Another thing that would work--if anyone knows the syntax--is to adjust the group footer height progammatically using an IIF() expression in On Entry.
> I have found a way too slow work around by running an individual report for each group. I used a combination of NOPAGEEJECT and executing a conditional "blank page" report in the Data Environment in After Close Tables.
> I need a faster/tighter way to acheive my goal. Anybody? Tamar (DataBased Advisor) recommended Cathy Pountney.
> Moe :-S

I have done this before using a Report Listener. I put a rectangle in the group footer band (as small as a height as you can get). Then I used a "directive" that works along with my report listener. If the page that is finishing is odd, it fudges the height of the shape so it's taller than will fit on the page, resulting in the shape overflowing to the next page, which is even. I override the render method so that the shape doesn't actually print. Then, because the data group is set to start on a new page, it automatically goes to another page ... which is odd again .. to start the next data group.

Cathy Pountney


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