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 From: Tom Saddul
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 Tom Saddul
 To: Mani kandan
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 Mani kandan
Subject: RE: Dynamic Where Condition in LINQ
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Version: Not Applicable Category: VFP and .NET
Date: Monday, March 25, 2013 9:13:42 AM         

> Hi
> I want to runt the linq query with dynamic filter.
> lcConditn = "Field = "+value1
> For example: In our VFP we can give locate for &lcConditn.
> same this i want to use in linq query in C#. i searched in net. those saying predicatebuilder class. im not aware of that.
> please help me to do this.
> Advance thanks
> Manikandan.s

It depends on your source data. If it is a List, you can have it like this:

List<WhatEverType> list = new List<WhatEverType>();  // Source data

List<WhatEverType> filtered = list.Where((e) => e.Field == "the value here");  // filtered will contain the filtered list

A predicate is simply a Func<type1, type2, ..., returnType> delegate declaration. In the example above, I used a lambda expression for the predicate which is:

(e) => e.Field == "the value here"


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