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 From: Cetin Basoz
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 Cetin Basoz
 To: ursula
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Subject: RE: DynamicBackColor >255
Thread ID: 289028 Message ID: 289110 # Views: 39 # Ratings: 2
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Grids
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 12:11:13 PM         

> Hi all,
> I got an error saying "unrecoqnized command verb" when I use this syntax below. I notice that actually because the syntax is more than 255 char. Please advise how should I do.
Thisform.grdlcsrch.SetAll("DynamicBackColor", ;
>     "IIF(TRIM(tmpLpsd.notes)='YELLOW',RGB(247,247,171),IIF(TRIM(tmpLpsd.notes)='BLUE',RGB(214,216,250),IIF(TRIM(tmpLpsd.notes)='GREEN',;
>     RGB(214,250,214),IIF(TRIM(tmpLpsd.notes)='RED',RGB(255,224,193),IIF(TRIM(tmpLpsd.notes)='BROWN',RGB(207,159,111),THIS.Column1.BackColor)))))", "Column")

> Thanks
> Ursula

Since this is not solely related to setting dynamicbackcolor but with 255 literal string limit in general here are multiple ways to solve:

Solution 1: Divide the one literal string into multiple ones

Thisform.grdlcsrch.SetAll("DynamicBackColor", ;

Note that specifying "Column" in SetAll() is redundant. Only column have DynamicBackColor property and it is unnecessary UNLESS you meant to apply it to base class column objects when there are also custom class based ones like 'MyColumn'.

Solution 2: Again divide into multiple literals and also replace iif() series with inline do case aka iCase:

Thisform.grdlcsrch.SetAll("DynamicBackColor", ;

Solution 3: Use text ... endtext to wrap long strings
TEXT TO lcExpression noshow
ICase( ... )
Thisform.grdlcsrch.SetAll("DynamicBackColor", m.lcExpression)

Solution 4: Delegate the code to a custom form method. This is the preferred method when the expression is long and complex. Property is set to a function call and the function handles the complexity of operation and returns a simple value:

Thisform.grdlcsrch.SetAll("DynamicBackColor", "(thisform.MyColor(THIS.Column1.BackColor))")

*MyColor custom form method
Lparameters tnDefault
Local lcValue
lcValue = Trim(tmpLpsd.notes)
Do Case
	Case m.lcValue='YELLOW'
		Return Rgb(247,247,171)
	Case m.lcValue='BLUE'
		Return Rgb(214,216,250)
	Case m.lcValue='GREEN'
		Return Rgb(214,250,214)
	Case m.lcValue='RED'
		Return Rgb(255,224,193)
	Case m.lcValue='BROWN'
		Return Rgb(207,159,111)
		Return m.tnDefault

PS: I didn't understand the purpose of trim() without == but kept it anyway.

Cetin Basoz

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