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 From: Randy Bosma
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 Randy Bosma
Subject: Ed Leafe will speak at Chicago FUDG 14 Nov 06
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Date: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 10:41:51 PM         

Ed Leafe is a developer's developer. He's here from Rochester, New York to show us Dabo, his open source framework for developing desktop applications in Python.

Significance? Read Ed's words:
"There are a ton of web application frameworks, but none in Python that target the desktop app other than Dabo. Its primary target is developers who come from a background in proprietary Microsoft-centric tools, such as VFP and VB, but it also targets Delphi, Filemaker, and other desktop app developers who want rich client apps that run unmodified on Windows, Linux and OS X. The focus of the talk will be on the visual tools available in Dabo to help you quickly develop serious database applications in Python.

I'm a member of both the Fox and Python communities, and I can tell you that both groups are passionate about their chosen language, and both have a spirit of helping and sharing that makes being a part of those communities something special."

Check out Ed's impressive history in both communities: -- http://leafe.com -- http://dabodev.com

Tuesday November 14th 5:30 - 7:45 at 53 W. Jackson Suite 826 -- Chicago Loop.
More on upcoming meetings at http://www.ChicagoFUDG.com


Ed Leafe will speak at Chicago FUDG 14 Nov 06 Posted by Randy Bosma @ 11/7/2006 10:41:51 PM