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 From: George Kelly
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 United Kingdom
 George Kelly
 To: Yahya Abou dalal
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 Yahya Abou dalal
Subject: RE: Error 1309
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Distribution and InstallShield
Date: Monday, June 27, 2011 2:38:11 PM         

> >
> > Thanks Yahia
> >
> > I discovered the problem.
> > In Installshield Express V5.0, under General Information, you enter [ProgramFilesFolder]
> > I had a space AFTER My App Name.
> > Not only did the installation fail, this caused corrupt folders (tried a number of times) on my computer.
> > The Folders created by Installshield (to write out the setup files etc when build to CD Rom) could not be deleted by Installshield when I rebuilt, causing an error in the build.
> > Windows failed to delete them using Windows Explorer.
> >
> > Solutions:
> > a) Remove the trailing space in Installshiled
> > b) Delete corrupted files from the DOS command prompt using RD /s command
> >
> > George
> very happy that you solved the problem.
> yahia

and thanks yahia to you and tushar for the suggestions. Its brilliant to have colleagues to offer almost instant support in such circumstances.
It was a nasty one. When those "undeletable" folders started, I have to say I was quite worried. I tried other things like deleting applications and moving image files to a server, to provide at least 10% free disk space. Ran chkdisk, no errors and no change. Unistalled Installshield Express and reinstalled. No change.
Scoured the net.
This was useful generally (a good bookmark!):
Visited the installshield forum. Loads of questions - very few answers and there were lots of questions with NO answers!! That community is nothing like Foxite, thats for sure (big pat on the back to Eric and all our members).
However I found one answer which got me going. One person mentioned that he thought that the path was too long. He changed the folder where the project was being created and that fixed the problem. In doing so, I suspect he may have had the same problem as me, and fixed it inadvertently by renaming the ProgramFilesFolder target.
Anyway, thats another thing to test if it should ever happen again (my path was quite short).
I hope this info will be of use to the Foxite community.



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