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 From: Simon Arnold
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 United Kingdom
 Simon Arnold
 To: Stephen Ames
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 Stephen Ames
Subject: RE: Eudora MAPI
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Thursday, May 24, 2001 12:43:21 PM         

> Further to recent posts another client has now decided he wants to use Eudora
> and has asked me to give him the output that I gave him for Outlook.
> It does not work as standard.
> Does anyone know what is required.
> This is what I am using now :-
> oform=createobject("form")
> oform.addobject("Session1","olecontrol","MSMAPI.mapisession")
> oform.addobject("message1","olecontrol","MSMAPI.mapimessages")
> oform.session1.signon
> oform.message1.sessionid = oform.session1.sessionid
> oform.message1.compose
> oform.message1.recipaddress=sendtox
> oform.message1.resolvename
> oform.message1.msgsubject=subject
> oform.message1.msgnotetext=msgtxt
> oform.message1.send(0)
> oform.session1.signoff
> release oform
> Stephen Ames
Have you tried the SendMail function in wwIpStuff.dll which can be obtained from
This allows sending e-mail via SMTP, if you don't want to send mail via SMTP you can also use the SendMapiMail function which will use MAPI.

Simon Arnold
Westlake Computer Systems Ltd.
Halifax, UK.


Eudora MAPI Posted by Stephen Ames @ 5/24/2001 9:46:37 AM
RE: Eudora MAPI Posted by Simon Arnold @ 5/24/2001 12:43:21 PM