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 From: surinder singh
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 surinder singh
 To: Kavita Jaiswal
  Where is Kavita Jaiswal?
 Kavita Jaiswal
Subject: RE: Excel Automation
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Microsoft Office Automation
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:42:21 AM         

> Hi all,
> Can anyone help me out that how can I always close an Excel Sheet promting "Save as" instead of "Save" dialog box ,as I don't want the user to use the Template Excel Sheet.

Again the answer is eventhandler
I think you was able to bind events to excel in your previous thread, right?

then you can put this code in the same procedure:
oExcel.DisplayAlerts = .F.
PROCEDURE AppEvents_WorkbookBeforeClose(Wb AS VARIANT, Cancel AS LOGICAL @) AS VOID
   	   m.oworkbook.SaveAs(PUTFILE("Save As","yourFileName","xls"))
   	 CATCH TO oErr

> Beside the above problem how can i protect a given cell range, instead the entire sheet in an Excel sheet.

I have answered this question in some other thread posted by "M M".
check this thread
Message ID: 188275

> Cheers
> Kavita

Surinder Singh
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