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 From: Eric den Doop
  Where is Eric den Doop?
 Eric den Doop
 To: Vincent Byrne
  Where is Vincent Byrne?
 Vincent Byrne
Subject: RE: Forum
Thread ID: 78848 Message ID: 78855 # Views: 1 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Foxite: feedback
Date: Sunday, October 09, 2005 8:46:53 PM         

> Hi Eric
> I don't know if the is a known issue.
> I read all the actuel threads and deleted them as I had finished reading them,
> after I deleted the last actual thread then the links to all the blog sites
> disapered also.
> After posting this message all the blog links where visible again, is it a bug or
> as MS would say a feature

Well I looked at my code and it seems to be 'by design'. If there is no thread to display, I skip the weblogs and display the following two nodes: No threads matching the current filter options were found. and Please modify your Thread Filter settings.

Do you think it needs a change?
Eric den Doop
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