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 From: Cheryl B
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 Cheryl B
 To: Bernie Allswang
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 Bernie Allswang
Subject: RE: FoxPro 2.6 to VFP Learning curve
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Date: Thursday, June 07, 2001 1:01:08 PM         

Hi, Bernie!

Wow! I'm just a couple of steps ahead of you! We have been talking about upgrading our FPD2.5 and FPW2.6 programs for years. Now, with the advancement of the OS and hardware, that talk is becoming hard reality.

I'll admit, I was terrified of trying to program in VFP6! Everytime I would even look at it, I would break out in a cold sweat and run away. However, I found the best thing for learning for me was just to start playing with it. I've only got one full VFP6 program "suite" (a combination of 3 programs) under my belt... but I have a lot more confidence now. I still have a way to climb on the learning curve, but the curve doesn't seem so steep now.

Are you familiar with working with screens FPW? Well, a form is just a screen... with a lot more options! Some of your old code will work, particularly the "behind the scenes" procedures and functions that don't interface directly with the user. For the time being, we are still going to interface with our FPW databases (tables), and I can still do that with the same USE command as before.

The best book I've got... and I keep it with me all the time.. is "The Fundamentals: Building Visual Studio Applications on a Visual FoxPro 6.0 Foundation" by Whil Henzten. It talks about what is different from FPW/FPD and VFP6. There's a chart of the differences... and there are parts like "If you're used to doing it this way in FPW, here's the equivalent..." so on, and so on.

Foxite is a good place to start, too. I've just started looking around the user forums and the demos, but there's a lot of promise! My first set of programs involved using the Kodak Imaging control as is specified in one of the articles here... I've even got my program to scan and rename images. I've found lots of good help on the Microsoft VFP newsgroups, too. People there are pretty knowledgeable and friendly as well.

I tried the MicroEndeavors course about converting from FPW to VFP. It's okay, but you need to know about VFP to really make sense of it.

Good luck!

> Hello People,
> I just joined today. I have been working in dBase & FoxPro for years - BUT not very current!
> Time to get with the program.
> Any suggestions to learn this new "stuff" ? Any recommendations on books, CD's etc.
> FYI: I write a lot of small apps that take info in text, csv files, etc & put them out to other systems to be imported.
> Hence a lot of what I do is programming / data manipulation vs data entry & reporting.
> Thanks!
> Bernie
> @ cfcl

Cheryl A Bellucci
Vice President
Rapp Systems Corporation


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