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 From: Paul Culbertson
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 Texas - United States
 Paul Culbertson
 To: Ron LaBonte
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 Ron LaBonte
Subject: RE: Foxpro login auditing capabilities??
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2001 2:18:38 PM         

> Hi,
> I'm a "Real" newbie. I have the software but haven't used it yet. I work as a systems developer in Health Services. The new federal requirements for HIPAA, addressing the protection of health information, requires that auditing capabilities must be available for all patient health information systems. I have to be able to audit when a user logs on to the system and exactly what data records the user accessed.
> My question: Is FoxPro robust enough to handle this task? I'm hoping it is since I already have the software available for my use. I currently use MS Access and it is not able to function at this level of complexity. I know Oracle is capable of performing this task but I understand the learning curve is steep and the software is not cheap!
> Thanks,
> ronct
> .

Hi Ron,
Visual Foxpro 6 is capable of tracking data changes as well as deletes and inserts from table triggers. Thusly you can write your code in these triggers which are effectively functions/procedures that update your auditing table or tables.

I ustilize this same funtionality/idea to implement what we call data logging.

If you need more direction please feel free to stay and ask questions...we are all in this together!

Paul Culbertson

Houston, TX


Foxpro login auditing capabilities?? Posted by Ron LaBonte @ 5/18/2001 2:09:12 PM
RE: Foxpro login auditing capabilities?? Posted by Paul Culbertson @ 5/18/2001 2:18:38 PM