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 From: Cesar
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 To: Martin Krivka
  Where is Martin Krivka?
 Czech Republic
 Martin Krivka
Subject: RE: FoxyPreviewer New release v2.99z11
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Reports and Printers
Date: Monday, March 25, 2013 2:16:14 PM         

> Hi Cesar,
> good news, thanks.
> Let me also introduce some news. I was success to build latest (2.3.0RC) libharu.dll from sources. Here is an important function available: HPDF_LoadPngImageFromMem and HPDF_LoadJpegImageFromMem. So if you are interested, here is a package.
> It also contains pdf3.prg file, its report listener for pdf output. I hope it may be interesting for you, specially about rotating every object in report and the HPDF_LoadPngImageFromMem function usage.
> happy coding
> Martin

Thanks a lot Martin !

This is good news. In FoxyPreviewer we're using the original release from the creator, Takeshi Kano.
It is known that it contained several bugs, I needed to work realy very hard in our PDF Listener to apply several workarounds to deal with these issues, in order to hide them from the users. In several places you can notice that I needed to use GDI+ to manipulate some images. In other places, I needed to make several string manipulations, and sending some strings line by line to avoid issues.
GDI+ was used to measure some strings as well in specific situations.

This was really very hard to do. Demanded many nights of work, but at the end the result is satisfactory, at least for me.

I am sorry, but right now I don't have the energy to restart some things, and get back to those sources would be painful.
Unless if you show me something that using the new LibHaru release will help FoxyPreviewer to do something it can't right now :-D


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