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 From: Koen Piller
  Where is Koen Piller?
 Koen Piller
Subject: GDI+XPad
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Projects and Design
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2009 10:56:44 AM         


1st of all whishing you and all the other Foxers a Merry X-Mas.

I was trying to implent your ideas as described in the above blog (and have to address you via this forum, as response to your blog is limited)

I am facing following problems on starting up your GDI+XPad.exe

1. it complains "System.app" not present (although in my VFP9 rooth directory - this quy wants an explicit own System.app ? Maybe you could make the exe look in the VFPhome() also to prevent n System.app's on my pc which have to be updated/actualized?

2. The pad seems to lack a possiblity to move around on the screen, not a bad idea to implent that?
3. After I have instantiated the pad I get a "dummy.prg" VFP window, which I can minimize, not close, upon a click on the close (red Cross) ordinary Window/VFP button it opens in default width/height.
4. Clicking on any other button on your pad I still get this dummy guy.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards,


P.S. Please dont feel this as a critism to your splendid work - it is my aim to get the thing running a.s.a.p.


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