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Subject: good news guys.
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Date: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 9:27:40 AM         

gud day,

ill be meeting with andre of microsoft today. as far as my research, andre was the product manager of
visual studio .net and he has conducted many devcons here regarding .net stuffs, etc.

anyway... well be meeting tonight at shangrila mall guys.

ill post the update of what andre's plan would be, and ofcourse for the philfoxdev user group.
actually, the philfoxdev is still a small group... and someday its gonna be big guys. ;-)

i think the devcon will gonna have a fee coz my researches about his works would frankly be
900 pesos though there are discounts for the early birds for about 600 pesos. for those who
are interested would come ofcourse. also, ill try to see how we could jive vfox with their
.net presentation.

anyway, ill gonna post whatever microsoft was planning so we can also join their group.
what we have talked about will be posted at philfoxdev. ill send the minutes to mr. eric den doop.

hmm... so much for the freeware community. anyway i think the guys looks promising
on what microsoft would be offering for the user group. gud day!



good news guys. Posted by Mz @ 9/7/2004 9:27:40 AM
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RE: good news guys. Posted by Mz @ 9/8/2004 4:42:13 AM