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 From: Paul Culbertson
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 Paul Culbertson
 To: chris smith
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 chris smith
Subject: RE: Grid
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Friday, May 25, 2001 3:48:55 PM         

> >
> > When I issue a browse command like
> >
> > Browse field main,name,address,city for name='AAAAAA'
> >
> > How do I get put the same condition ie I want only names with 'AAAAA' to be displayed in the grid box
> >
> > Is it possible to do this
> >
> >
> >
> Take a look at the SET FILTER command in the help
> smith

I am not very faverable to using the set filter commands just do to the fact that you will have to always remember to set it back or turn it off and some commands don't respect the filter condition. If your data is small meaning less than 10K records or results will be small with appropriate indexes in the parent table the i suggest using a SQL statement.

Paul Culbertson

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