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 From: Paul Brown
 Paul Brown
 To: chris smith
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 chris smith
Subject: RE: grid columns
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Date: Friday, May 18, 2001 2:45:58 AM         

> I have a grid with about 10 columns. I would like that went I'm scrolling to the right or left that the first 3 columns in the grid remains stationary and the orther columns would move. Can any one tell me how to achieve this?
> smith

I've generally found the easiest way to do this with a VFP grid is to use 2 grids. The first will have the fixed 3 columns with no vertical scroll bar and the second will have all the columns with the first 3 hidden (i.e. width set to 0). You just need to co-ordinate the grids with a bit of code so that when you move to a new row in one it goes to the same row in the other.



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