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 From: Ken Blum
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 Illinois - United States
 Ken Blum
 To: Manisha Sathe
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 Manisha Sathe
Subject: RE: Grid question
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Grids
Date: Friday, December 05, 2003 4:03:14 PM         

> i hv a grid, when i select any particular row (a small traingle appeara far left) and double click (somewhere where ?? ) then want to get all values of the columns for the selected row
> i tried this with double click for column1.text1 - but got correct value only for that column not for column2.text1, column3.text1 etc
> how to get all values for selected row ( i want to assiciate that with dblclick event)
> regards
> manisha

Look into BindEvent(). You can bind multiple events to one method.



Grid question Posted by Manisha Sathe @ 12/5/2003 1:01:02 PM
RE: Grid question Posted by Ken Blum @ 12/5/2003 4:03:14 PM