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 From: Yousfi Benameur
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 El Bayadh
 Yousfi Benameur
 To: Biju Thomas
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 Biju Thomas
Subject: RE: Happy New YEar
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Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 6:20:43 PM         

> As this year draws to an end, I want to thank all the special people who helped me and touched my life, with their love and care and made my life more meaningful. Thank you for your contribution to my lifeā€¦ may God continues to give you abundant happiness in the coming New year and always! Best wishes for 2009

Happy new year for all!
I hope the new year 2009 is more beneficial to everyone and that happiness and peace may reign in all corners of the planet.
Stop the wars and stop massacres and the life will be beautiful.


Happy New YEar Posted by Biju Thomas @ 12/31/2008 5:04:13 PM
RE: Happy New YEar Posted by Yousfi Benameur @ 12/31/2008 6:20:43 PM