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 From: Luis
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Subject: Help with this
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Date: Monday, October 07, 2002 3:49:18 PM         

Hi to all, in all my APPS, i have a toolbar with cut, copy and paste buttons. What i'm trying to do is to make these buttons enable or disable when apropiate. I'm using a timer in my toolbar to check the content of _CLIPTEXT, if it's not empty i enable the paste button, and with the Cut and Copy buttons, i check the activeform, for the active control, if is a textbox or editbox, i check the property SELLENGTH, if it's >0 then i enable these buttons.

But what i wan't to know is:

Is there any windows function or variable that can handles if the object that has the focus is an editing region? for example with my code if i'm editing a text file, i can't use the cut and copy buttons.

Also for stop using the SELLENGTH i wan't to know if there's any windows function that tells you if there's text selected?

Thanks for your help
Luis Navas
For long you live and high you fly


Help with this Posted by Luis Navas @ 10/7/2002 3:49:18 PM
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