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 From: Cetin Basoz
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 Cetin Basoz
 To: Mark LaBarre
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 Mark LaBarre
Subject: RE: Highlighting Grid Row based on filter
Thread ID: 344984 Message ID: 345034 # Views: 41 # Ratings: 1
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Grids
Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012 2:32:16 PM         

> I've read about how to highlight a grid row based on the mouse-selected row/cell. What I'm wondering is whether there's some way to change backcolor or change the font to bold, based on a filter instead of on a click event.
> What I'm doing is selecting an auto part ID code based on a combo of year / make / model / engine size. Once I have the ID code, I use it to display the part description and price from a table of unique parts IDs. I also link it by part ID to a child table for all years / makes / models / engine sizes of cars that take that part ID. Then these records are displayed in the grid in question. There can be 15 or more child records for a single specific part ID.
> I want to make the correct row stand out from the others, but am not sure how to accomplish that. The child table has the exact same field names and values that I plug into the filter string, so I could use the identical string to identify the row I want to highlight. But I'm not sure how to get from identifying the correct row, to highlighting just that row without any user input -- just based on the filter string.

To expand what Stefan said with a code sample:

Public oForm
oForm = Createobject('myForm')

Define Class myForm As Form
  DataSession = 2

  Add Object myGrid As Grid With ;
    RecordSource='Orders',  Height=400,  Width=400,Anchor=15, ReadOnly=.T.

  Procedure Load
    Use (_samples+'data\orders')

  Procedure Init
    This.myGrid.SetAll('DynamicBackColor', '(thisform.ColorMe(Orders.Emp_id, .F.))')
    This.myGrid.SetAll('DynamicForeColor', '(thisform.ColorMe(Orders.Emp_id, .T.))')

  Procedure ColorMe(tcValue, tlForeColor)
    Local lnBackColor, lnForeColor
    lnBackColor = Bitand( Val(Sys(2007,m.tcValue,1,1)), 0x00FFFFFF )
    If !m.tlForeColor
      Return m.lnBackColor

    Local lnRed, lnGreen, lnBlue,lnAlpha
    lnRed = Bitand(Bitrshift(m.lnBackColor,0),0xFF)
    lnGreen = Bitand(Bitrshift(m.lnBackColor,8),0xFF)
    lnBlue = Bitand(Bitrshift(m.lnBackColor,16),0xFF)
    lnAlpha = (Max(m.lnRed,m.lnGreen,m.lnBlue)+Min(m.lnRed,m.lnGreen,m.lnBlue))/2

    Return Iif(m.lnAlpha < 0x80, 0xFFFFFF, 0)

PS: SetAll sets the expression for all columns. Instead you might use different expression for individual columns and achieve 'cell level' coloring despite 'row level'. Check:


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