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 From: Tom Cloud
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 Tom Cloud
Subject: how Cancel subprogram
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 Category: Forms
Date: Tuesday, December 30, 2008 5:03:02 PM         

I need to be able to cancel a (running) subprogram from the form that initiated it.

The form allows a user to read updated Project Member information from a website. Each member has a separate page. The subprogram first reads the Member Index (to get the URLs for each member page) and then reads and parses the Member information from each member page into a table. Sometimes the remote server hangs or the user will want to bail out for some reason and I'd like to provide that capability.

I added a logical Property to the form named "llCancel".

The subprogram, in its looping, checks back to the form to see if llCancel has been set .T.

IF mainform.llCancel

... and, if so, the loop is cancelled and the subprogram returns.

I thought I was clever and thought I could use the same button to both Download and Cancel ??
- The button on the form has Caption = "Download"
- I had the caption change to "Cancel" and thought I could check in the Click event if the Caption had been changed to "Cancel" and, if so, set the llCancel property to .T.

Apparently the button hangs until the called procedure (prg file) completes ??

So I added a second button Captioned "Cancel", turned off the "Download" button and Enabled the "Cancel" button, etc.

But that second button -- whose only function is to set the llCancel switch .T. on Click -- doesn't respond until the subprogram called by the Download button completes.

I clearly have a misconception -- thought things were event driven and one button didn't need to wait until something initiated by another one was completed ??

How do I send a signal to the executing subprogram to stop and return ?



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