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 From: Jun Tangunan
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 Jun Tangunan
 To: Shaheryar Rashed
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 Shaheryar Rashed
Subject: RE: html text
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Forms
Date: Monday, December 23, 2013 12:28:53 AM         

> Hi Experts!
> i have to make email body with text formatting in a form (which i will send as email body) can anyone guide me where i make it ?
> suppose i have to send following text in email body how i write it in vfp? like :
> "mconame
" + ;
> mconame

Why not simply generate the report and use it as attachment? If you are using FoxyPreview, I believe that email feature is there.

Or if you want to do it as body, then something like this:

Local loOL As outlook.Application , loMail
loOL = Createobject("Outlook.Application")
loMail = loOL.createitem(0)
With loMail
	.subject = "Sample"
	.To = "whatever@gmail.com"
	.Body = "First Line"+CHR(10)+"Second Line"+CHR(10)+"Third Line"
loOl = Null

However, that is in pure text format. I guess for HTML body, then an RTF can be used.



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