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 From: Glen Villar
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 Glen Villar
 To: ivan rivera
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Subject: RE: I need help
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Version: Visual FoxPro 7 Category: Network and Computer Management
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2008 6:50:01 AM         

> Good day,
> I am not a visual fox pro programmer. I don't know anything about visual foxpro but i i understand a little about database programming in MS Access. I need your help.
> My family have a distribution business. For 5 years we keep manual record.Only this year we computerized our inventory and invoicing system using foxpro.We contacted a developer to build it for us. He has an old program created for other company and that what he modified for us to use. For now we have a server and 2 client computer.We would like to connect a new client but our programmer is not showing up nor returning our calls. Perhaps you can help me how to connect it. At this point, the new computer is already networked but it cannot access the database system.
> thank in advance

Hi Ivan,

If the invoicing system you are using is foxpro as you said, as system developer too, I will first pressume that the programmer who created that will probably use native vfp tables or dbc as the backend. If that is the case, try the following measures:

1. If the system installed in the client computer is not deprived of status bar, you may be able to see there the path of an existing table which is currently opened by any of its module. You "may" be able to see there if the system uses UNC or MAPPED DRIVE... if the latter is the case, you may map your server's data path in your new client computer. Check after mapping if your system can connect to the server.

2. You may also try to search in the system's folder in the client computer for a table that may contain path towards the server's database like for example "\\ServerPC\Invoicing\" or "Z:\Invoicing". If there is not a table for such, start searching for Textfile that may containt strings like that.

3. If and "maybe", if the path to the server's database is hardcoded, you are left with no choice but to get the source code, or... you may want to check out REFOX which exposes source codes in the EXE file and from there, recreate the system. But this will be very hard to do and will be time consuming.

Hope I gave you some idea. :-)



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