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 From: Adel Kadi
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 Virginia - United States
 Adel Kadi
 To: Marcia Hawkins
 Fort Myers
 Marcia Hawkins
Subject: RE: I'm not Erik, but I know what you want
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Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002 12:21:07 AM         

> > Hello Mr/ Gomez
> > I hope i am not bothering you too much.
> > I posted this message because nobodey was able to help me in this one.
> > I did a POS for Videos kind of home business for a friend and he want to print video labels but he doesn't want to waste
> > like a hole page of the label paper page to print one or two labels only. So i tried to design an interface with choose first
> > record (by Tilte) and choose last record to print. Honesly i couldn't do it so i designed the labels using the label wizard
> > and i tried select SQL but it will print on number 1 always on the label page,so if he printed number 1 on the page and
> > peel of the SQL want move the label to number 2 for example or 3 on the label page.I saw some programs that made
> > in VB and print a choice of labels on the right place or spot on the label paper page.Hope you understand my explaination
> > to the problem.
> > Another way of explaining this when you print labels you can skip the ones you used before, like skip number 1 and print
> > on number 2 Etc... I cant get this to wark and the video labels are very expensive to waste.
> > Thanks again i posted this problem because your solutions is real easy and make sense.
> >
> > kadi
> Dear Kadi,
> I just did this last week for an inventory label program. You will need to ask starting label position before giving them a choice of labels to print. Store this to mstartpos. Then copy the structure of file that holds your records to a temp file.
> This will put in blank records , then put in the records that you want to print, then
> print your labels, do not filter out for blank records.
> After you are done, close the temp file and erase it.
> I hope this helps,
> Marcia
Hi Marcia
Thanks very much for your help I just wonder if you can send me a small demo for that and my email is kadi99@cox.net
I will appreciate it hope it is not too much to ask.


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