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 From: Jared Baszler
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 Jared Baszler
 To: Patrick Dowd
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 Patrick Dowd
Subject: RE: InputMask Problem
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Date: Thursday, October 3, 2002 4:18:05 PM         

> > I want to set a textbox's InputMask property to 'BIN9999' but since N is reserved for "Letters and Digits Only" as a format property my N doesn't show up in my textbox as I would like it to. Is there a way to offset the N in the InputMask property to make foxPro realize it is suppose to be an actual N as a character? Please let me know if this is possible...thank you.
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> > Jared Baszler
> > Computer Programmer
> > Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.
> Can you claify? The InputMask property works something like a PICTURE statement on a GET or a SAY. Its symbols, like '9' for numbers only, 'Y' for "YN" on a logical, etc., are a trigger for the internal function to apply appropriate formatting code or validation.
> It looks like you want the textbox to display the literal string 'BIN' in front of 4 numbers. Is that what you intend? If so, you can't put this literal in the mask.
> Patrick

That is exactly what I want to do. I want to put that literal in the mask and as far as I'm concerned it would work if 'N' wasn't a reserved symbol in the InputMask property. What is another way of going about this so 'BIN' is already there and the user cannot edit those 3 letters.

Jared Baszler
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Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.


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