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 From: Michael Gill
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 Michael Gill
 To: Marcia Hawkins
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 Marcia Hawkins
Subject: RE: InputMask Problem
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Date: Friday, October 4, 2002 5:04:50 AM         

> > > > I want to set a textbox's InputMask property to 'BIN9999' but since N is reserved for "Letters and Digits Only" as a format property my N doesn't show up in my textbox as I would like it to. Is there a way to offset the N in the InputMask property to make foxPro realize it is suppose to be an actual N as a character? Please let me know if this is possible...thank you.
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> > > > Jared Baszler
> > > > Computer Programmer
> > > > Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.
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> > > Can you claify? The InputMask property works something like a PICTURE statement on a GET or a SAY. Its symbols, like '9' for numbers only, 'Y' for "YN" on a logical, etc., are a trigger for the internal function to apply appropriate formatting code or validation.
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> > > It looks like you want the textbox to display the literal string 'BIN' in front of 4 numbers. Is that what you intend? If so, you can't put this literal in the mask.
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> > > Patrick
> > >
> > >
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> > That is exactly what I want to do. I want to put that literal in the mask and as far as I'm concerned it would work if 'N' wasn't a reserved symbol in the InputMask property. What is another way of going about this so 'BIN' is already there and the user cannot edit those 3 letters.
> >
> > Jared Baszler
> > Web Developer
> > Mid-West Seed Services, Inc.
> Dear Jared, Just put the word BIN on the form, set your Inputmask to 9999, max length to 4. then string together the word BIN with what is in the text box for the save routine. Will that work for you? Another possiblity, put two textboxes side by side, bumped up against each other, one with the substr(field,1,3) the other with substr(field,4,4). Disable the first one.Marcia

Since they can never change the letters BIN anyway, use Marcia's idea.


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