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 From: chip70 garza
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 Texas - United States
 chip70 garza
 To: Yash KOthari
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 Illinois - United States
 Yash KOthari
Subject: RE: Insert new row on refresh in Excel
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Version: Not Applicable Category: Microsoft Office Automation
Date: Tuesday, November 30, 2004 2:17:50 AM         

> I am importing single record data into excel from a web query. It automatically refreshes every 5 mins as required.
> I would like to retain the old data and insert new record for every refresh...
> What is best way to achieve this...( nor do I know the worst way....)..
> Please suggest and thanks in advance..
> YK
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oExcelObject = CREATEOBJECT('Excel.Application')


Insert new row on refresh in Excel Posted by Yash KOthari @ 9/12/2003 10:31:06 PM
RE: Insert new row on refresh in Excel Posted by chip70 garza @ 11/30/2004 2:17:50 AM