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 From: Kulwant Singh
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 Kulwant Singh
 To: John Barrie
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 John Barrie
Subject: RE: Int var taking max -ve value
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Version: Visual FoxPro 8 Category: Errors & Debugging
Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 5:45:46 AM         

> > Hello experts - I hope this is in the correct category
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> > I have an integer variable that is initially taken from a view on an SQL Server table field (type int), then saved to a Form property and incremented as a counter (it keeps track of an item's position in a scan process). This variable has sporadically been taking the value of -2^31 (maximum negative value for int), for no apparent reason that I can decipher. The strange thing is that this issue only appeared recently - the program is part of an inventory-taking application that runs once a year, and last year this did not happen at all. I'm stumped as to what could cause this - any ideas would be most welcome.
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> > Thanks
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> > John
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> > Extra - 28th December 2009
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> > This has got no replies so I thought maybe I should add more detail. I should stress that this problem has not only appeared on one machine - it showed up on several machines in various locations, ruling out hardware faults - the problem has to be with the software, whether with Foxpro itself, or with the way Foxpro is interacting with the Windows (XP) environment (perhaps something changed after a Windows update?). Again, any ideas as to a cause will be greatly welcomed.
> >
> > Thanks again.
> I'm replying to this in the hope that it will get noticed as it has attracted no responses so far - has no-one out there really never come across (or even heard of) this situation before? I really don't like having a bug like this in a system and having no idea what to do about it. Hopefully someone will see this updated message and have an idea they can share with me.
> Thanks in advance

Can you please show the code you are using to populte the View ?

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