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 From: Cecil Champenois
  Where is Cecil Champenois?
 Little Elm
 Texas - United States
 Cecil Champenois
 To: Pete Sass
  Where is Pete Sass?
 Marathon, Ontario
 Pete Sass
Subject: RE: Just for Fun
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Date: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 10:48:02 PM         

> Hi Foxitians,
> Since this is New Year's eve thought I would share some things about where I live with
> you all and some trivia . . .
> Marathon where I live is in Northern Ontario and is located right off the Trans-Canada
> highway and only several hundred feet north of Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the
> largest fresh water lake in the world and we simply call it "The big water" here.
> Marathon, is a 45 minute drive to White River probably one of the colder spots in Canada.
> A huge thermometer beside the Trans-Canada Highway advertises 'White River -- coldest place in Canada,'
> and logs a reading of -72 degrees Fahrenheit (-57 Celsius.)
> On Jan. 3, 1935, a colder reading of -73 degrees Fahrenheit (-57.5 Celsius) was recorded at Iroquois, Ont.)
> Regardless of what city or town holds the record for the coldest temperatures let us just
> say once you get over minus 50 degrees below zero not much matters. You cannot stay more that
> 10 minutes with skin exposed to the air without frostbite happening. We actually here in Marathon
> on the local radio get warnings in the winter during colder days to not go outside with skin open
> to the air.
> As it was this morning, I got up to a mild 38 degrees below zero. For those of you in the tropical
> countries here are a few things that some folks find hard to believe.
> - Once at 50 plus below, power steering fluid in your car get so cold and thick there are days without
> warming up your vehicle for a good 30-40 minutes first you cannot steer your vehicle.
> - The other thing that I have experienced is again at 50 plus below, you tires get so cold that they
> freeze with a flat spot where the tire was resting on the ground overnight. So when you drive your
> car away it is bumping up and down as all 4 tires are out of round. After driving around for 10 minutes
> the tires go back to normal by themselves.
> Now how about the snow.... I took some pics early this morning right here in Marathon.
> And for some of the newer member of Foxite, every ponder why "the Iceman" after my name Pete?
> Guess now you know (lol)
> Pete "the IceMan", from the Great White North of Canada.
> www.marathongriffincomputers.com

How can anyone live in such a climate? I thought Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Missouri were bad. We thought it was cold with 26 degrees Fahrenheit this morning.

Cecil Champenois, Jr.


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