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 From: Paul Culbertson
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 Texas - United States
 Paul Culbertson
 To: chris smith
  Where is chris smith?
 Yorkshire CH CH
 chris smith
Subject: RE: Limited forum
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Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 12:47:48 AM         

> > Hello,
> >
> > I was wondering: the Forum displays threads from the past two weeks. Do you think this should be less than two weeks?
> >
> > ----------------
> > Hth,
> >
> > Eric den Doop
> > www.foxite.com
> I think you can limit it to about 7 days because I believed (you can correct me if I'm wrong) this site is visited daily by persons who know about it and want to learn some good stuff, also it would speed up the downloading time of the forum page for persons like me that are running a pentium 133 machine with 32mb of RAM and a very slow modem. Just my thought.
> smith

I don't have a problem with it being 7 days as well. I still think we should be able to allow our visitors to scan/search and even select the post for a given day.

Paul Culbertson

Houston, TX


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