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 From: Karben Selim Mejia
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 San Pedro Sula
 Karben Selim Mejia
 To: Khalil Shaddad
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 Khalil Shaddad
Subject: RE: Locking Appended record
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Date: Monday, October 14, 2002 4:52:48 PM         

> Hi,
> I have one form with the following conditions:
> 1- private data session (this is a must)
> 2- optimistic row buffering (could be pessimistic but should be row buffering mode)
> 3- multi-user, multi-session in one user environment.
> 4- each bufferred record should be locked (this is a must).
> Lets say mytable has 10 records, if I APPEND BLANK twice [before issuing TABLEUPDATE()] in the same process or with two different processes I am getting RECNO() = 11 and here the problem comes. How to lock the appended record before or after tableupdateing without moving to another record?
> Khalil Shaddad (Lebanon)

Not really sure if this is what you are talking about but I guess that you can use the Multilocks on like this

set multilocks on    && Multilocks should be ON in order to lock several record at once
SET REPROCESS TO 3 AUTOMATIC  && This indicates to Foxpro that It should attemp to lock the recors just 3 times
STORE '1,2,3,4' TO gcRecList           && ID of the records you want to lock
USE YourTable
go top

? RLOCK(gcRecList, 'YourTable')  && Trys to Lock the 1st 4 records in YourTable , it succeed returns .T., .F. if doesn't. This doesn't move the cursor

UNLOCK IN prueba

hope this helps


Karben Selim Mejia

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