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 From: Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout
 To: Boudewijn Lutgerink
  Where is Boudewijn Lutgerink?
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 Boudewijn Lutgerink
Subject: RE: looking for a tool
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Date: Saturday, October 08, 2005 6:53:06 AM         

> Hi all,
> I am looking for a tool that makes it possible for me to make a GIF file that turns around on the vertical axis. So, a bit like a coin that twists around. Does anybody know of such a tool?
> I looked around a bit but could not find it.
> Boudewijn LutgeĀ®ink
> My Blog is here

PaintShopPro is shareware and comes with Animation Shop that can do this for you automatically. However Now Corel has bought the product and is selling the Animation Shop separately.

You are sure to find it on CD's that come with Mags, maybe you already have an older version.


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