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 From: Eric den Doop
  Where is Eric den Doop?
 Eric den Doop
 To: Sekhar S
 Sekhar S
Subject: RE: Lots of "Noises" of late, Eric
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Date: Monday, September 06, 2004 2:07:55 PM         

> Eric,
> I know you are trying to be lenient and allowing posts with much "leeway"
> As a regular user of this site I find that of late there is lot of "noise" being generated not relevant to the whole purpose of this site
> Newbies are being ridiculed, innocent questions are being chided (you know it all ...I need not narrate it). People visit these sites since they need help. If somebody is not willing to help atleast let them not discourage and drive these people away.
> I sincerely hope and wish that you "discipline" those who exceed their brief.
> Keep up the good work and ensure that we do not loose focus. I have learnt a lot from this site and I make it a point to visit this site every morning as soon as I getup
> Whoever wants to discuss "off-topic" can always do so through their personal email ids.
> Best of luck
> Sekhar S

Well, there has indeed been a lot of OT stuff here lately. I usually remove OT threads from my forum page as I am not interested in OT stuff. I suggest you do the same.

Trust me, if people are being rude, they hear from me directly or indirectly.
Eric den Doop
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Lots of "Noises" of late, Eric Posted by Sekhar S @ 9/6/2004 12:55:15 PM
RE: Lots of "Noises" of late, Eric Posted by Eric den Doop @ 9/6/2004 2:07:55 PM