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 From: Yuri Rubinov
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 Pennsylvania - United States
 Yuri Rubinov
 To: Will Berg
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 Will Berg
Subject: RE: Macro substitution
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: Forms
Date: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 5:07:18 PM         

Depending on the details in your apllcation you may try this:

In the textBox.Init or textBox.Refresh add:

> Hi there,
> I need to refer to a table without knowing its name at that time. I tried the following in the ControlSource of a Textbox using macro substitution
> but it didn't work:
> gcFile : the alias of the table
> firstname: the fieldname in the table and the source for this textbox
> &gcFile..firstname
> The same problem exists in the ControlSource of a grid, where I want to show different names from the same table.
> When entering the above text an error occurs. This erro didn't show when entering the same in the ControleSource of the Textbox.
> Any ideas how to solve this ??
> Thanks in advance
> Will


Macro substitution Posted by Will Berg @ 12/3/2003 2:46:51 PM
RE: Macro substitution Posted by Yuri Rubinov @ 12/3/2003 5:07:18 PM