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 From: Ken Murphy
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 Ken Murphy
 To: Ryan Villagonzalo
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 Ryan Villagonzalo
Subject: RE: Making my first Project
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Date: Thursday, November 09, 2006 2:53:14 AM         

> Hi,I making my first project i want to make my project having a menu on the top of it how can I make a menu...? Thank you...
> Ryan V. Villagonzalo


In the project go to the "Other" tab, select "Menus" and click "New." A "New Menu" for will pop up, select "Menu" rather than "Shortcut". This will open up the menu designer. At this level you are working with the menu bars (the menus that drop down from the top.) Add the prompts (titles) for the menus you desire. In the menu prompt if you precede a character with "\<" that character will become the keyboard hot key. For example "\<File" will appear in your menu as "File" and if you hit Alt and then "F" it will activate. To create a submenu, select "Submenu"in the result column and then click "Create" Go through the same process for your submenus. When you want to call a program, you can select "Command" as the result and call your program in the next column with DO MyProg. Click the Elipsis on the right hand side for other options.

Most definately, read the help file on creating menus.

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Making my first Project Posted by Ryan Villagonzalo @ 11/9/2006 2:32:27 AM
RE: Making my first Project Posted by Ken Murphy @ 11/9/2006 2:53:14 AM