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 From: Bernard Bout
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 Bernard Bout
 To: aris hariyanto
  Where is aris hariyanto?
 aris hariyanto
Subject: RE: MAPINFO Activex
Thread ID: 104335 Message ID: 104395 # Views: 2 # Ratings: 0
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Active X Controls & OLE Automation
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 5:06:38 AM         

> Hi all,
> I want to add map from mapinfo into my form with activex,
> anybody can tell me how to do that...
> regards

My friend Google says that there are about 101,000 references for mapinfo activex that it found.

Surely you have made Google your friend as well?



MAPINFO Activex Posted by aris hariyanto @ 8/15/2006 8:47:35 AM
RE: MAPINFO Activex Posted by Bernard Bout @ 8/16/2006 5:06:38 AM