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Subject: menu question reposted (i lost part of my text)
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Date: Thursday, June 14, 2001 8:55:16 AM         

I have a menu that i created and would like to know how can i disable options from the menu when another option selected from the menu is activated. for example my menu is called Vmenu.mpr and it look like :
prompt is "Data Screen" result is submenu under this submenu i have "\<Customer " and "\<Product" then i have another option in the menu and the prompt is "Returning Videos" the
result for this is a "command" and this call a form like "do form R_VI ". what i want to acconplish is when i select the "Returning Videos" from the menu to disable the two options from the "Data Screen" i want "\<Customer" and "\<Product" to get dimmed i mean disabled so when i clicked in the "Returning V" this two "\< Customer" and "\<Product" been disabled and when i get out of the "Returning V" then enabled then back.

is this posible ?
how can i accomplish this ?
thank you in advance


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