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 From: Marcia Hawkins
 Fort Myers
 Marcia Hawkins
 To: Yuri Rubinov
  Where is Yuri Rubinov?
 Pennsylvania - United States
 Yuri Rubinov
Subject: RE: Messagebox fonts
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 8:33:18 PM         

> AFAIK, you can control it via Windows Control Panel only. There is a Messagebox Handler that allows you to control some properties of messagebox(), but not font properties; see VFP help for more details.
> If you wish more flexibilty you could create your own messagebox as a form. Also there is a messagebox classes in Downloads section of www.universalthread.com.
> > Hi Folks,
> > I would like to control the font type and font size of the Messagebox.
> > I would like to know if the Messagebox picks up some sort of default font from where it is called from.
> > If so, how can I store the existing default font, assign a larger one, the re-set my default font back??
> > I can't seem to find the command to store the default font. Is this possible???
> > Also, Where in the World is the actual Messagebox form??? I can't find it.
> > Thanks , Marcia
Dear Yuri, When I go to Universalthread.com, the display is all garbled. When I come back to foxite, all of the threads have black boxes instead of the proper objects. The reply & send buttons on this page are black also. Any clue as to what is going on???
If I shut down explorer and re-open all is ok. TIA for any advice here.


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