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 From: Dan Baker
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 Dan Baker
Subject: Microsoft Satya Nadella on EQ vs. IQ
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Date: Wednesday, December 24, 2014 5:56:16 AM         


Ran across some videos of Satya Nadella on Youtube and I'm quite impressed with his
vision, human touch, and energy.

In this 16 minute video on YouTube he gives a talk to students in the same community where he grew up in India.

At the 8:00 minute mark he gives some advice to the students on how to
advance their careers.  And don't miss the last 5 minutes: that's where some of
the students are interviewed about their thoughts on Nadella's talk.

And now some ancient history. I think it was around 1985 where I actually met Bill Gates
at a press event in Boston.  The event was an announcement around Microsoft's Word
software, shortly before Windows was released.

And after a keynote by Gates and a few other people giving demos, they held a short beverage
and dessert reception where Gates and his assistant walked around the room and took a
few questions.  

I really didn't deserve to be at the event because I was not a reporter though I was
working part time for the publisher of a computer graphics magazine.

Anyway, I remember asking Bill Gates a rather bold question about whether Microsoft was
going to compete against Unix.  He was polite, but looked at me as if to say, "Uh oh, I
got to watch out for this loose cannon guy."  But looking back, Microsoft's pursuit of
the enterprise business, Oracle, and Unix world turned out to be a very big deal indeed.
So it was a dumb luck question that happened to be on the money.

Regardless, Bill was too clever to answer my question: the great man has always been a
careful tactician.

Now my sense of Satya Nadella is he knows, quite well, what's he's about and where he's taking
Microsoft.  And he also has a pleasing human side that he's not afraid to reveal.  In that
sense he's refreshingly different than your typical CEO of a large high tech company.

Hope you like the video.  Curious your impressions of the man and Microsoft's direction.

Dan B.


Microsoft Satya Nadella on EQ vs. IQ Posted by Dan Baker @ 12/24/2014 5:56:16 AM