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 From: Mican Cagape
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 Mican Cagape
 To: Ammar Hadi
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 Ammar Hadi
Subject: RE: Mike Gagnon : Refox
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Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Security and Application Protection
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 1:11:09 AM         

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> > Mr. Hadi,
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> > Thanks for the link you provided. I already read this one and took notice that Mike Gagnon is reselling Refox. So, I was confident enough that Mike might have idea on my problem.
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> > I really am having problem with this. Do you have any experience on this one? If so, could you share your thoughts with me? Your help will be much appreciated.
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> > Thank You
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> > mican
> Hi Mican,
> In fact if you used the demo version of Refox, it will decompile the exe for you but it will not show the complete source. It will show just snippets of code.
> So, it will not show the exe as a series of hexadecimals unless the exe is decrypted in a way that refox can't decompile.
> I think the best way is to try to communicate with the previous programmer. If the owner of the code is your employer then he have the right to have it. While if your employer has the right just to use the application and the source code is owned by the programmer then you have no rights (and is non-ethical) to decompile the code Especially it is clear that the programmer is encrypting the application to prevent such hacks.
> Try your best to communicate with the programmer ..
> Why you want to decrypt it? if you want to upgrade it then get the code form the owner of the code. or build a new exe.
> No programmer will accept to see his application get hacked without his approval
> :-)
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Hi Ammar,

You actually have a point about ethics. In fact, I read it under Refox EULA. What remains in me now is purely interests of learning something from this situation. I believe that my employer is smart enough to understand.



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