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 From: Rick C. Hodgin
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 Rick C. Hodgin
 To: Dan Baker
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 Dan Baker
Subject: RE: Modifying Class and PEM Names
Thread ID: 373846 Message ID: 373848 # Views: 63 # Ratings: 1
Version: Visual FoxPro 9 Category: Classes and Objects
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 8:43:26 PM         

> Foxites,
> I inserted some code on top of a custom class method in my form.
> When I then went back into the class to modify the name of the method, my form object's code for the renamed method.
> Is there some way to get around this behavior so the object overlay code is not lost when the class method names are changed?
> Thanks,
> Dan Baker

The only way I've known to do this is go into the myForm.scx file manually and make the change.

USE myForm.scx
BROWSE FOR LOWER(class) = "old_class_name" NOWAIT LAST

Then go in and make your changes.

According to Tamar Granor, there are some refactoring abilities in Thor. I have not researched them, but they may be able to do this automatically for you.

Best regards,
Rick C. Hodgin


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