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 From: Jean
Subject: Modifying views
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Date: Tuesday, October 08, 2002 9:26:41 PM         

I have an application being used by about 30 users at a time. I need to change a few local views. If I modify the views, all application users will be impacted immediately and everyone will be using the modified views immediately, with no new executeable needed, right? I'm wondering what the dangers of doing this are. If problems result, I should be able to just modify the views back to their original state and everything will be fine, right? I'm sure I've done this before, but I'm just very nervous about doing something that will be a big problem to un-do.

Anyone know for sure?


Modifying views Posted by Jean @ 10/8/2002 9:26:41 PM
RE: Modifying views Posted by BZ Dusk @ 10/8/2002 9:46:53 PM
RE: Modifying views Posted by Jean @ 10/8/2002 10:08:28 PM