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 From: Patrick McGreevy
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 Patrick McGreevy
 To: Tyrone Matthews
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 Tyrone Matthews
Subject: RE: Msde
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Version: Not Applicable Category: Databases, Tables and SQL Server
Date: Monday, December 29, 2008 1:41:48 AM         

> Hey guys
> I got big load of data but i have to put it in two tables i want to put it in one does anyone know of anyfree SQL i herd MSDE has 4GB limit but anything up to date that has same sort of speck,
> cheers,
> Ty


Me thinks that you should get used to breaking your tables up into a smaller size.

I have noticed it to be standard procedure for many of the apps I have to deal with. And this includes Oracle and SQL apps.

One Oracle database I pull data from, I have to pull from six different tables.

My own archive database I pull from, I split into two tables. One for the last year of data and the other for the previous two years. Anything over three years old in the second table, I write out to CD in the clear so it is easy to put this data into a third table and query it also.

The first two tables add up to around 7 million records, but come nowhere near the 2 G limit.

At the least, this can speed up your queries. You only have to access the tables which contain the data you are interested in, not one table. That's what makes relational databases so fun!

You need to normalize your database by splitting the data up into tables which handle a certain part of the whole picture. One Oracle database I access for information on part numbers has one of(50 tables?) which list only the part number and a primary key so you can access only the tables you need for your query by relating by the primary key. This database is changed monthly, so no need for a date entered block in the primary access table, but if you need that field, you can always add it.

Just my opinion. HTH



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