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 From: Anil Tayal
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 Anil Tayal
Subject: Now I must report
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Date: Sunday, October 06, 2002 1:45:39 PM         


I am working on my first full-fledged VFP project. I have somehow created the Input forms and the processes and they appear to be working allright. Now , I have to go for output i.e. reports and maintenance like backup,restore,create new company,create new year etc..

During the course of my project , this forum has been my main source of help and tips. So, once again , I would like to ask for suggestions from my seniors and friends about how I should go about these modules. What track should I follow so that I do not have to go back later and start over again ? Here are a few considerations before I start with the reports module.

1. My users are below average in computer knowledge.

2. They are mostly small companies, who shall be mainly using Dot Matrix Printers,hence I will have to make character based reports for them but I want to keep a provision for graphics reports also, in case they move to Laser or inkjet printers later.

3. I must provide a way to print to readable files. For text reports this would mean creating .txt files which can be opened in Notepad , but what about graphics reports ?

4. I must provide support for different printers. Here I want to ask that if I create a report in the report designer using a particular printer setup, will these reports automatically print correctly if a different printer driver is selected ?

Keeping the above in view, I would like to ask if I have to create all flavours of the reports separately or can they be used interchangeably ? Please help me . I would appreciate any links that can guide me on these topics.

Thanx for reading this long message,



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