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 From: Andy Kramek
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 Andy Kramek
 To: Bart Rouan
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 Bart Rouan
Subject: RE: .NULL.
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Version: Visual FoxPro 6 Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Monday, September 06, 2004 1:03:30 PM         

Hi Bart

> I have cretaed a view that uses 2 tables they are linked up with a unique field, the problem I have is that the one that I have started archiving from so this means that in the view I might have a record that look at "nothing" and then creates a .NULL. value, I want to keep these .NULL. values seperate on my report byt I do not know how to handle them?

You have to use the ISNULL() function to test whether a field contains a NULL or not. So a filter to get only records with NULL values would have to look like this:
SET FILTER TO ISNULL( table.field )

Note that you can also use the NVL() function to substitute a more useful value for .NULL. - for example you could have the report print "No Record Found" by using NVL as the expression for a field like this:
NVL( view.field, 'No Record Found' )

Andy Kramek
Microsoft MVP (Visual FoxPro)
Akron, OH, USA


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