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 From: Stefan Wuebbe
  Where is Stefan Wuebbe?
 Stefan Wuebbe
 To: Pete Sass
  Where is Pete Sass?
 Marathon, Ontario
 Pete Sass
Subject: RE: Pricing Question
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Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2014 9:39:12 PM         

Hi Pete,

If MS "SQL Server" setup effort is the main concern, I think using the MS "Entity Framework", version 4.1 and beyond, with a "Code First" design approach could be an option, because that way the typical, frequent DB server administration tasks is almost all done by your own code, i.e. a simple access attempt would make the EF part create or update the custom DB structure including "seed" values if necessary.

As for MS "SQL Express v LocalDB v SQL Compact Edition" in that context:


> Hi Foxitians,
> This is mainly for any C# + SQL Server developers out there using ASP.net.
> My question although general in nature is one that I would like to bounce off
> some of you.
> Basic requirements and task...
> - Install SQL Server 2012 on new server customer purchased and is on site now.
> - Inventory table consisting of 8-10 fields with admin login web form to allow access into
> changing, adding or deleting inventory items from anywhere with Internet access. No permissions
> required just an admin login ID and password.
> - Customer registration form for all credit card sales consisting of 12-14 fields.
> Customer registration to be added into SQL Server in a Customer table in SQL Server if payment successful.
> - eCommerce shopping card to allow purchases, calculate sales taxes and accept payment
> via most major credit cards. Credit card processing company already decided upon and I already have
> processing code for this credit card processing company.
> - Payment process upon verification and completion will then add the registration records
> into the SQL Server Client table.
> - Next create a sales order record in another SQL Server table and add in the various
> sales order detail records that were purchases in a child sales order details table in SQL Server.
> - Other things like user definable shipping companies and rates, tax codes to reflect
> province for where the purchaser resides, so need a sales tax lookup table.
> - Wants all email entries validated for only valid email addresses.
> - Invoice generated in PDF file format and copy sent to purchaser via email with invoice
> attachment.
> - Email sent back to my client the seller in summary form only.
> - Customer wants some reports, but does not know what at this point in time.
> OK, I estimated this entire job, plus SQL Server installation at 44 hours?
> This is not including any reports that would be completed later on a quote basis and
> of course involve additional billing.
> Does my 44 hours sound in the ball park, including the full SQL Server installation?
> ps ... SQL Server installation will be done remotely via TeamViewer thus no travel time.
> Pete "the IceMan", from the Great White North of Canada.
> www.marathongriffincomputers.com


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