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 From: Michael Gill
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 Illinois - United States
 Michael Gill
Subject: Printing question
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Date: Monday, September 30, 2002 9:26:47 PM         

Hey guys,

Quick question about printing. We use SBT accounting software written in VFP 6. Whenever we print invoices and sales orders the print process takes forever. This just started. We reformatted the computer that has all our accounting info on it and reinstalled win98 and sbt. Now the reports with the graphic header and lines take forever to print. The print spooler shows that each report is around 550K in size and the transfer is what's slowing us down. Reports with just plain text print fine.

We're using an HP LaserJet III driver with a Lexmark Optra E+. Didn't have any trouble with that setup and Win 95. We're going to try different drivers and what-not, but I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a quick fix or something specific, or if it's just something with the PC that we'll have to work though.


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Printing question Posted by Michael Gill @ 9/30/2002 9:26:47 PM
RE: Printing question Posted by Shahid Arif @ 9/30/2002 11:29:17 PM