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 From: Rob Vaught
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 Missouri - United States
 Rob Vaught
 To: Simon Arnold
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 United Kingdom
 Simon Arnold
Subject: RE: problem converting from 2.6 to VFP6
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Friday, June 08, 2001 9:09:45 PM         

> > > > I am converting an application from 2.6 to VFP, but have ran into a problem with an "add on the fly" type of screen (used to add a new company, plant, dept, jobtitle). In the 2.6 version a user would be editing or adding a new employee, at the approiate box the user can pop a picklist of what should fill the box, if user cannot find needed field, they can then "add" which brings up another screen overlayed on the picklist, which would start out as being blank and ready to receive input from user. Without changing any code or forms other than the VFP functional conversion, now what happens is the "add" screen instead of being blank, now has one of the items from the picklist in the screen, and their is no editing at all, then if user "escapes" this form it then deletes whatever was highlighted in the screen. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated
> > >
> > > Hi Rob,
> > > To get the most out of VFP6 you should consider rewrting your screens in native VFP6.
> > > I have done it and am still in the process but it is worth the effort in the end.
> > > Sounds like you need to use a ComboBox for this application.
> > >
> > > I had so little joy with the auto conversion I gave it a miss. You are fortunate to get your apps up and running.
> > >
> > > If this is not the help and advise you want .. speak up. Maybe someone else may have differnet advice.
> > >
> > > Regards
> > > Ryss
> > Thanks for the response, and I agree with the idea of a rewrite but the time and budget isn't there yet. About 95% of 2.6 code works fine but of course even that should be re-written to take advantage of VFP6. It seems like I must be missing something simple just because most of the other screens seem to work fine (other than a couple giving me a ColorImage error). Unfortunately I walked into this project with the upgrade already started and subsequently behind schedule.
> > Thanks for any other suggestions
> > Rob
> Hi, is it possible you can replace the screen that is poped up over the picklist by a new form, I would assume that the current screen is code based eg. @ SAY... and @ GET...
> if this is so you could design a new form just like the current one, then replace the @ SAY's and GETS with a simple DO FORM ....., when doing this make sure you make the form modal.
> If more help is needed, please feel free to post your questions.
> Simon Arnold
> Westlake Computer Systems Ltd.
> Halifax, UK.
> simon.arnold@foxite.com
I will ultimately have to replace the old form with a VFP6 form, however I would like to get it working now with existing form, the only unusual thing that I notice is if I have a suspend just before the form is executed I can resume and form works fine. What could cause this? I tried a wait window before with 5 sec and 10 sec delay and that didn't work. What else should I try?


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