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 From: Karben Selim Mejia
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 Karben Selim Mejia
 To: Triton
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Subject: RE: Programmatically Removing Summary Band
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Version: Unknown Category: General VFP Topics
Date: Monday, October 07, 2002 6:31:47 PM         

> Good Afternoon,
> I have a report that contains a summary band. I would like the summary to be printed or not print depending on what a user selects. I have tried placing a variable in all the 'Print When' options of the objects in the summary, but then a blank page prints out if the variable is false. Please help.
> Thanks.

try making another report with out summary band! and then print them acording to a condition.

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Programmatically Removing Summary Band Posted by Triton @ 10/7/2002 6:12:14 PM
RE: Programmatically Removing Summary Band Posted by Karben Selim Mejia @ 10/7/2002 6:31:47 PM