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 From: Jun Tangunan
  Where is Jun Tangunan?
 Jun Tangunan
 To: Dan Baker
  Where is Dan Baker?
 Effort of the Poconos
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 Dan Baker
Subject: RE: Programmer joke
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Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2014 2:32:59 AM         

> Jun,
> This one made me smile, Jun. But it didn't make me laugh hard
> enough to fall off my perch.
> Dan B.

Here is another, I hope members will try to see this just as a joke.

I sort of remembered you are a former military man so here is a military joke for you, I will try to play with words so it won't be that brutal:


A young soldier who is a doctor was stationed on an island. Upon arrival, he realized that there are no girls on the island so he casually asked another

Doc: Hey man, what do you guys do when you get lonely?

Soldier: Have you seen that hill over there with those tons of goats? Well when we go horny, we just go there and picked a goat. Then we are good!

Doc: Heck! That sounds disgusting!!! I don't think I can ever do that!

Soldier: You're new. Tell me after you've been here for a long time.

After 3 months, finally the young doc gave in to his manly desire. He went up the hill and selected the prettiest goat among the flock.

Then he brought the goat into his own room, gave it a thorough bath, put perfume, lipstick and a skimpy lingerie; then made his way with the goat.

After that with a huge satisfied smile on his lips, he decided to go on a date with his newfound partner. So with the goat in its new look under his arm, he went into the sole bar in the island.

Immediately when he entered, the whole bar fell into deep silence. Everyone stopped speaking altogether, mouth agaped and all eyes were rivetted to him and the goat under his arm. Some even accidentally dropped the bottle of beer they are about to drink sending those crashing down the floor.

The young doc is very infuriated with the whole attention he received and yelled "You guys are all pretenders!!! Looking at me like that.... when we all knew everyone of us do this! The only difference is I do mine with style!!!!"

Soldier: Errr... Doc. That is not the problem

Doc snapped back: If it is not? Then what?!!!

Soldier: You are with the Colonel's girlfriend!!!



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